Price List

Pole Sport a new registration system, we no longer have a typical courses but you choose how often you want to practice a week. Once you have chosen a number of times a week, sign up for the time you want to attend and you can choose different times each week.

Now you can start exercising at Pole sport at any time of the month, whether at the beginning of the month, in the middle or at the end. You choose!


It is not allowed to go for a more difficult classes than you are able, if you do not know what time to attend, you can talk to a coach or look at what basics you need in the course description.


The price for all classes depends on individual membership cards, we do not charged more for 1.5 hours or 1 hour. The most favorable membership card is Unlimited paid-up annual card, which is less than 1,000 kr. per class.


Now all students need to sign up for each time online and pay in advance, but if you want to attend without registering, you can attend and pay a single class fee. NOTE! You can not attend and let the coach “take a clip” from the webmembership card.


Do you want to come and try?

One Class – 2,900 kr.


Beginners Card (expiration date of 30 days)

Only one Beginners card for each beginners.

3x a week – 9,900 kr.


Course (30-day validity)

You sign up for the time you want to attend, you can choose a mischievous time each week.

1x a week – 9,900 kr. ( 2,575 per time)

2x a week – 14,900 kr. (1,863 per time)

3x a week – 16,800 kr. (1,408 per time)

4x a week – 18,900 kr. (1,181 per time)

5x a week – 20. 900 kr. (1,045 per time)

Unlimited – 22,900 kr.


Long Term Course

3x a week.

180+ days – price per month – 14,900 kr.

365 days – 159,000 kr.


Unlimited (unlimited attendance, all courses)

180+ days – Price per month – 19,900 kr.

365 days – 189,900 kr.


Punch Cards

You have an open expiration date on your card and choose the time you want to attend.

You are not bound to take classes every week nor many times a week.

5 times / 30 days – 13.450 kr. (2.690 kr. per class)

10 times / 50 days – 23.000 kr. (2.490 kr. per class)

15 times / 70 days – 34.350 kr. (2.290 kr. per class)

20 times / 90 days – 41.800 kr. (2.090 kr. per class)


Practice Sessions

You can book an exercise session on the timetable. (there is only 1 per apparatus)

Prices depend on individual membership cards, or you can take a single class.

Practice sessions are included free of charge with Unlimited membership cards.


VIP – 24/7 access

Single month

14,900 / 9,900 kr.

6+ months – price per month

12.900 / 7.900kr.-


Private Lessons

1 hour – 6,000 kr.

1 hour – (2 people) 8,800 kr.


Personal trainer

Get offers for training that suits you!


Measurements &

1 measurement – 1,500 kr.